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The draw for each discipline will be published here ...


1Head-Up Inface SnakeClassicHead-Up Inface Circles
2Head-Up Mixed SnakeBack LayoutHead-Down Inface Circles
3Head-Up Switching SnakeHead-Down 360ºMixed Shuffler
Repechage 1Head-Down Inface SnakeButterflyHead-Up Shuffler
Repechage 2Head-Down Switching SnakeHalf Barrel Roll 180ºReverse Mixed Circles
Repechage 3Head-Down Mixed SnakeHead-Up 360ºMix Circles
Quarter FinalsHead-Down Inface SnakeClassicHead-Down Shuffler
5th to 8thHead-Down Switching SnakeHead-Down 360ºReverse Mixed Circles
5-6 and 7-8Head-Up Switching SnakeHalf Barrel Roll 180ºHead-Down Shuffler
Semi Finals 1Head-Down Mixed SnakeHead-Up 360ºMix Circles
Semi Finals 2Head-Up Inface SnakeBack LayoutHead-Up Inface Circles
Tie BreakerHead-Up Mixed SnakeButterflyHead-Down Inface Circles
FinalsHead-Up Mixed SnakeClassicHead-Up Shuffler
Finals Tie BreakerHead-Up Switching SnakeHead-Up 360ºMixed Shuffler

Solo Speed

1Head-Down switching snakeHalf-barrel roll, 180Head-Up shuffler
2Head-Down inface 360Head-Up 360ºHead-Down Inface circles
3Head-Up inface snakeBottom loopMix circles
4Head-Down Mixed SnakeBottom loop 360Head-Up inface circles
5Head-Up mixed snakeBack LayoutMix shuffler
6Head-Down inface snakeButterflyReversed mix circles
7Head-Up inface 360ClassicHead-Down Shuffler
8Head-Up switching snakeBottom loopMix circles
9Head-Up inface 360Bottom loop 360Mix shuffler


1Head-Up Mixed SnakeHead-Up 360ºMix Circles
2Head-Down Mixed SnakeClassicReverse Mixed Circles
3Head-Down Switching SnakeHead-Down 360ºHead-Up Shuffler
4Head-Down Inface SnakeHalf Barrel Roll 180ºHead-Down Inface Circles
Quarterfinal 1 Head-Down Switching SnakeHead-Up 360ºHead-Up Shuffler
Quarterfinal 2 Head-up Inface SnakeClassicMixed Circles
Quarterfinal tie-breakHead-Down MixButterflyHead-down Cirlces
Semifinal 1 Head-Up Switching SnakeButterflyHead-Up Inface Circles
Semifinal 2 Head-Up Inface SnakeBack LayoutHead-Down Shuffler
Semifinal tie-breakHead-Down Mixed SnakeBack LayoutMixed Shuffler
Final 1Head-Up Mixed SnakeClassicMixed Shuffler
Final 2Head-Down Inface SnakeHead-Down 360ºHead-Down Shuffler
Final tie-breakHead-Down Switching SnakeButterflyHead-Up Inface Circles

Relay Races

1Flyer 1Head-Down inface snakeBottom loop Mix shuffler
Flyer 2Head-Up inface snakeButterflyMix circles
Flyer 3Head-Down switching snakeBack LayoutHead-Down Shuffler
Flyer 4Head-Down Mixed SnakeHead-Up 360ºHead-Up shuffler
2Flyer 1Head-Up inface 360 Bottom loop 360 Head-Down Inface circles
Flyer 2Head-Up mixed snake Classic Head-Up inface circles
Flyer 3Head-Down inface 360 Half-barrel roll, 180 Reversed mix circles
Flyer 4Head-Up switching snake Classic Head-Up shuffler
3Flyer 1Head-Up inface snakeBack Layout Mix circles
Flyer 2Head-Down inface snakeHalf-barrel roll, 180 Mix shuffler
Flyer 3Head-Up switching snake Bottom loop 360 Head-Down Inface circles
Flyer 4Head-Down Mixed Snake Bottom loop Head-Down Shuffler
4Flyer 1Head-Up mixed snake Butterfly Head-Up inface circles
Flyer 2Head-Down inface 360 Head-Up 360ºReversed mix circles
Flyer 3Head-Up inface 360 Head-Up 360ºReversed mix circles
Flyer 4Head-Down switching snake Back Layout Head-Up shuffler
5Flyer 1Head-Down Mixed Snake Bottom loop 360 Head-Down Shuffler
Flyer 2Head-Down inface snakeButterfly Head-Down Inface circles
Flyer 3Head-Up inface snakeClassic Mix shuffler
Flyer 4Head-Up mixed snake Bottom loop Mix circles
6Flyer 1Head-Down switching snake Half-barrel roll, 180Head-Up inface circles
Flyer 2Head-Up switching snake Classic Reversed mix circles
Flyer 3Head-Down inface 360 Bottom loop Head-Up shuffler
Flyer 4Head-Up inface 360 Back Layout Head-Down Inface circles


1 Q F 6 14
2 1 134
3 8 J 15
4 O 9 D 5
5 21A P H
6 N C 2012
7 7 G K 19
8 101622
9 17E 11
10M B 3 L
11182 D