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Relay races

Will take place on the 1 and 2 Feb. Please check rules on the website for information. There is a deeply discounted rate on this event of only 99E per team.

The Relay Races are a speed discipline that involves a team of four people flying individually one after the other against the clock. The time of all four individuals is added together to find the team score. The fastest team over 6 rounds will be the winner.

A draw is held before the competition, to determine the movements the fliers need to make, each flier is nominated to fly one of the 4 sequences. Each person on the team can fly only one of the routines.

The fliers must perform 4 obligatory movements in each round, and they must do this in the shortest possible time and without accruing penalties.

The time starts when one of the team presses a button at the rear of the flight chamber. This is the signal for flier 1 to enter the chamber and also starts the clock. When flier 1 exits the chamber, they must press the same button at the rear of the chamber to signal the start of the round for flier 2. This sequence continues for flier 3 and 4, until flier 4 leaves the chamber and presses the button at the rear of the chamber to stop the clock and show the accumulated time of the 4 fliers.

There are two types of penalties, the BUST and the SKIP. A team commits a BUST when it does not perform one of the mandatory movements correctly, or when they cross the BUST line when the movement performed is not allowed, or when they perform any of the movements through any of the quadrants incorrectly.

A bust is also committed if one of the fliers enters the chamber before the button is pushed to signal the start of their entry.

A horn sounds when there is a BUST, and the blue and green LED lines will turn red. This results in a penalty of 3 extra seconds in the team’s final total time. In the case of an entry bust, the team will incur a 5 second penalty.

A SKIP is when any of the mandatory movements that need to be performed are left out of the routine. If flier 2 enters the chamber before flier 1 has passed the yellow mark in the centre of the chamber on the changeover from flier 1 to flier 2. A SKIP incurs a penalty of 20 seconds.

Live TV schedule

Thursday 30th

20:47 Qualifications (Rounds 1-3)

Friday 31st

20:45 Final


Regan Tetlow

Regan Tetlow Main - Commentator

Regan began his presenting career right here in Empuriabrava with the king of swoop 2005. He presented the first Windgames in 2014 and now travels the world as an airsports presenter, skydiver and actor.

Emma Scrivener

Emma Scrivener - 2WD & Speed Races Commentator

Emma has been in the sport ten years, she was previously a competitor in 2 Way Dynamic. She has loved commentating at many international competitions and she is now enjoying the challenge of being a new mum and running a Sports Therapy business!

Teams participating in this discipline

Relay Races explained


Adam Mattacola

Adam Mattacola

Chief judge speed events. He was British National Freefly champion on Volare and was one of the originators of dynamic flying. From the first Wind Games in 2014, he has been one of the Wind Games' main collaborators with help in running existing disciplines and setting up new disciplines , particularly with 2DW and solo speed.

Radek Meduna

Radek Meduna

He has represented the Czech Rpublic many times in 2DW and 4DW winning medals at World competitions. He was a professional tunnel instructor and is now a coach. This will be his second time as chief judge of 2DW at the Wind Games.

Anna Baddorf

Anna Baddorf

from Austria. She has competed many times at the Wind Games on the 2DW team, Airspace Dynamight and this is her first time attending as a judge.

Honza Turek

Honza Turek

from Czech Republic. He is been competing for a long time representing the Czech Republic on the world stage and also in several dynamic disciplines at past Wind Games. He is the Chief instructor at Hurricane Factory Prague.

Joel O'Donoghue

Joel O'Donoghue

from the Uk, he works at Sirius Sport in Finland. This will be his second time judging at the Wind Games.

Josh O'Donoghue

Josh O'Donoghue

from the UK. He is a long time tunnel instructor, coach and competitor, he is currently the British Indoor 2DW champion. Due to an injury, he is unable to compete at this years' Wind Games and will judge instead., He has swapped roles with Alex Gonzalez, who will now take his place on some of the dynamic teams.

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