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Formation Skydiving (FS)

All Formation skydiving events will run for 3 days, 31 Jan - 2 Feb inclusive. Official training will take place on the 30th Jan. New blocks 1 and 13 will be included in the draw.

FS, or Formation Skydiving involves four fliers who perform movements in a horizontal position.

The contest involves performing different rounds of 35 seconds each, in which the competitors must perform as many moves as possible within this time period.

The moves to be performed are decided before the competition, in a draw.

Two types of penalties are awarded in VFS. By OMISSION and by INFRACTION

By omission; i.e. by missing out one of the obligatory moves, which will result in a penalty for the team.

By infraction; by not correctly performing some of the obligatory moves or grips.

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Live TV schedule

Thursday 30th

8:30 Qualifications (Rounds 1-5)

Friday 31st

8:15 Qualifications (Rounds 6-8)

Saturday, 1st

8:41 Round 9 (Semifinal)
11:03 Round 10 (Final)


Regan Tetlow

Regan Tetlow Main - Commentator

Regan began his presenting career right here in Empuriabrava with the king of swoop 2005. He presented the first Windgames in 2014 and now travels the world as an airsports presenter, skydiver and actor.

Rai Ahmed

Rai Ahmed - FS & VFS Commentator

Has been competing in FS at national and international level since 2008. She has won multiple UK national medals and several world meet medals in outdoor FS4.

Pete Allum

Pete Allum - FS & VFS Commentator

He started skydiving in the UK in 1979. He is a multiple UK Nationals gold medalist in FS 4 and 8 way and World Championship bronze medalist. He has been a skydiving coach for over 30 years. In the last two years he has translated that knowledge into expert commentating for FS and for this year also VFS.

Teams participating in this discipline

FS explained


Thierry Coutin

Thierry Coutin

from France, he is the chief judge for FS.

Zeljko Tanaskovic

Zeljko Tanaskovic

he is Swedish and is on the ISC competitions committee. He will be chief judge for VFS

Jurate Janusauskiene

Jurate Janusauskiene

is from Lithuania. All except Pekka have judged at every WGs.

Karla Cole

Karla Cole

lives in Germany. She is the chair of the ISC judging committee.

Pekka Salmela

Pekka Salmela

from Finland. He is back judging at WGs after a 2 year break.

Claire King

Claire King

from InTime. She is South African.

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