2 Way Dynamic (2WD)

Will be a 3-day event from 31 Jan - 2 Feb inclusive.

There are two types of round in the competition. The 'Free Rounds' and the 'Speed Rounds'.

In the free rounds, each team performs an artistic-style choreography, with no restrictions and without the obligatory parts involved in a routine.

Each routine lasts 60 seconds. Prior to the competition, the judges will have valued the free routines, their technique and the difficulty involved. This means that during the competition they will only value the style of the performance.

This round is the most visual of all heats, and it allows each team to innovate and create new moves, marking their own style.

The other are the Speed Rounds.

A draw is held before the competition to determine the 3 obligatory movements the fliers need to make. These need to be performed 3 times in each flight routine

The flyers must perform these moves in the shortest possible time and without accruing penalties.

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